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The real version

I am a Jedi master with Adobe Research. Before that I have been an incanter at the University of Hong Kong, a trainer for the clone army at Microsoft Research, and an architect for building the matrix with NVIDIA. I received my apprenticeship from a junior university called Leland Stanford.

The socially more acceptable version

I am a research scientist/manager with Adobe Research, and have been a professor with the University of Hong Kong, a researcher with Microsoft Research, and a GPU architect with NVIDIA. I received my PhD degree from Stanford University. I have served as associate editors for ACM ToG, EG CGF, IEEE TVCG, the top journals in computer graphics, interactive techniques, and visualization, advisory board member forPACMCGIT, a guest editor for IEEE TVCG, paper co-chairs for EGSR and I3D, and paper committee members for SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, and EG. I have published 40+ papers in top graphics/HCI venues such as ToG/SIGGRAPH/CHI/UIST and received 20+ patents. As a primary adviser or research mentor, I have guided 10+ students to become researchers/engineers in top companies or professors in top schools.
More details are in my resume.


Please email for review requests, for other stuff.
I wish people invite me to attend parties as much as they invite me to review papers.
Last updated on February 13, 2021